Potpourri — Smell of the Holiday

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2 min readFeb 1, 2022


Potpourri has many uses, from removing unpleasant odors to giving a home a season-appropriate scent. You have met him if you have ever been to Ikea and noticed a fragrant set of some leaves and flowers that need to be scattered into a vase.

It is not that difficult to do just this, it is enough to fix essential oils on a wooden, herbal or dried flower base, but there is another, simpler, recipe for how to bring the aroma of the holiday into the house.

You will need
• 1.5 cups of cranberries
• 3 tangerines, cut in half
• 3 cinnamon sticks
• 1 teaspoon carnation
• 4 cm fresh ginger
• 1 vanilla pod + 1 tbsp. vanilla extract
• a small twig of a Christmas tree
• 1 cup of cider / pomegranate juice / cranberry juice (optional)
• water

Put everything in a saucepan. Add juice. We put on fire. During the day add the evaporated water. Don’t forget to cook cookies or a delicious dinner.

So, clear. And then what?
And then nothing. The main idea of ​​the potpourri is to flavor the house, because on the stove you will not have a witch’s brew, which you then need to eat, but an etadium vat-flavoring agent.

While spices, conifers and berries are boiled, the house will smell of them. As soon as you get bored, the potpurri can be removed from the heat, allowed to cool and discarded. Well, or do as you see fit. For example, strain, add sugar and make a fragrant syrup. Or add wine and cook until mulled wine.

Good preparation for the holidays and a fragrant home!



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